Record-Breaking Salmon Caught in Ludington

Over the weekend, a 19-year-old Michigander reeled himself in a record- breaking 47 pound salmon while aboard a charter boat with his family in Ludington, Michigan. Originally oblivious to the amazing opportunity that lay before him, Luis Martinez napped away the afternoon until he woke up just in time to reel in a monster salmon. Having never been salmon fishing before, Martinez was in for the experience of a lifetime. After a long 43 years, the salmon record had finally been broken. As much as this story brings about feelings of envy, it can't help but feel equally inspiring. I certainly couldn't imagine attending my first fishing charter and catching a record-breaking fish- what a great day for this guy. This story serves as a nice reminder that anyone can catch a fish and the joy it can spark within can bring you a lifetime worth of memories and a solid fish story to tell.

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